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​The Zuri Pet Rescue 


The Zuri Pet Rescue rescues dogs from Open admission shelters in California to help reduce the need for animals to be euthanized. An Open admission shelter means they have an open-door policy to take in any animal in need. Because the shelter intake is unpredictable they rely on rescues like us to decrease their current population. Our goal is to find forever homes, educate the community, and provide training and medical assistance to animals in need. 


The Zuri Pet Rescue is 501(c)3 non profit, dog  no-kill rescue organization.  We partner with The Zuri Pet Spa & Resort to foster our rescues and give them the love and help they need until we find them their forever home. We also partner with local veterinarians to spay or neuter our rescues as well as help with any medical issues. We are based in San Juan Capistrano, CA and network with our local communities.  

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