Abner, a beautiful soul

While rescuing pets from a high kill shelter on a cloudy morning in February of 2017, I spotted Aber. You could just see the look of despair in his eyes, almost as if he knew his life was at an end, there was no hope for him here. It was only a matter of time before he would be put down. On this particular day we were in Riverside County, and truth be told, had already a pretty full van. Abner looked so desperate for help, so lost. We had to take him, we really were his last chance.

It became pretty clear that Abner loved all animals and people, which made him a great candidate for adoption. I knew his destiny was just around the corner. While hosting an event at Dana Point's Westwind Sailing (the 2nd annual Cardboard Classic/Dingy Dash), he caught the eye of a very loving woman who knew his path was meant to align with hers. Their hearts just seemed to connect in a way that you just can't put into words. Within just a few days of their initial meeting, we finalized his adoption. By the end of the week they were reunited and a new member to the family was welcomed with open arms.

Abner's first outing was the beach. His new mom said it was as if he had never seen the ocean before, and in actuality he probably hadn't. There were probably many things Abner had never seen or done before. His whole life was about to awaken in ways he had never dreamed. You could just feel his excitement! He fell asleep next to his mommy that night. He didn't want to leave her side, and he would never have to. Abner will never have to worry about who loves him ever again!

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